Thursday, 5 November 2009

A Day in the Life of a "Working" Dog

We had a busy day's shooting yesterday. Pip worked the WHOLE day (with Jazz in the morning and Dulcie in the afternoon) and picked up lots of birds. Pip had a bath, and her dinner, and went to bed early.

We all got up this morning and did our regular chores.

"Pip - Do you want to come for a walk?"

"No Thanks. I'll just let my breakfast settle first. I had a busy day yesterday you know."

The sun came out and the pheasants all went for a wander. I needed some dogs to chase them back home.

" Pip - do you want to come and chase the pheasants back home?"

"Oh, no thanks. I just found this primo spot on the couch in the sun. It's keeping my muscles warm. I worked hard yesterday bringing back all those birds."

I needed to run to the farm shop and pick up chicken feed and supplies.

"Hey Pip - do you wanna come for a ride in the car with us?"

" thanks. I'll stay here and keep an eye on the house. I know my main job is retrieving but I'm a skilled guard dog too..."

When it got too dark to do anymore chores, we stopped in to see a friend.

" Pip - do you want to come and see Mr and Mrs H?"

 "No thanks. It's raining outside and I just had a bath. I need to stay clean for Saturday's shoot."

We had a quick visit over a glass of wine in front of the fireplace. It's Guy Fawkes' Night and the fireworks and celebrations were starting. But we had to get home and tend to the animals' dinner.

" Pip - would you like some dinner?"


Poppy Cottage said...

Fantastic Pip pot!! Just got back from work to fing Lily has pinched a loaf of bread, then she wonders why I am none too happy to be woken up four times in the night to let her outside!!!!

But wouldn't change a thing!!

Poppy Cottage said...

Whoops!!! I meant Pip Post!!

P said...

oh my...what a luxurious day.

I'm glad she deigned to have her supper, at least!

lucky girl...

Tamar said...

And here I thought hunting dogs were always raring to go! Shows what I know.