Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Operation was a Success!

Different coloured sprays to heal, protect, and prevent flies bothering him.

Not only can he see just fine now, but he's still as handsome as ever, even with his horns trimmed. The vets had to remove quite a lot of horn -

I've saved them for a friend who likes to make walking sticks.

The horns will continue to grow so I will have to keep them filed down, which is a job I can do myself. It's a good thing he's such an amenable chap. 

Now he's ready to woo his first group of ladies this November!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Autumn is my favourite season. I love watching the Canada geese migrating in their V-formations, and hearing the fox vixens yowling for a mate. Our first shoot day isn't until 14th October so it's a bit slower-paced between now and then.

Well, mostly.

There's a new patient recovering in our rehab hutch -

A baby wood pigeon, also called a "squab". I found the squab under a tree this morning, before the dogs did luckily! He (or she) is likely suffering from eating too many green acorn, which cause pyrogallol poisoning. It's common this time of year, in pigeons particularly, and as it is a bumper crop of acorns this year, I imagine we will have more patients before winter comes.

I'm waiting on three ewes to lamb. One ewe looks due any time now. So, a few autumn lambs will be frolicking in the orchard soon. The last eleven lambs born in spring went to market a couple of weeks ago, so I miss having babies around already.

The vet is coming tomorrow to de-horn my handsome ram lamb, whose horns have started to impede his sight and the widening of his facial bones as he matures-

The vet may say he's fine and the horns can stay. I will let you know the outcome. He's so handsome as he is, but he has to be comfortable and fit for purpose most of all.

I have a Hadley Bubbles update for you from Aunt Meg:

"Here are the pictures of Hadley's graduation from Intermediate training class. She didn't even try to eat the tassel!
What a good dog."

Doesn't HB look happy? She is perfect in her new role as companion and foot warmer.