Monday, 6 December 2010

Jazzie loves the snow

I don't know if she's making little spaniel snow angels -

but she's certainly enjoying herself -

Jazz's other favorite winter treat?

Cow poop-sicles.



Poppy Cottage said...

Full of fiber!!!! Just applying for job of Dog Warden. Don't think I stand a chance, but you've got to try!!

How are you all?????

Paula said...

What is it with dogs and other animals' poop, anyway? I once saw my dog eat something out in the backyard and ran out there, threw her jaws open and grabbed it out, and then opened my hand to see that I was holding a handful of cat shit. AAAAAAAH!

I think only bitches do it, though. Something about keeping the den clean.

I was going to comment how incredible it was that she could smell something dead to roll in through the snow, but that last picture just derailed me.

The worst thing is that she looks like she wants you to throw it for her.

Jennifer Montero said...

Colette - Working with Stephanie? Good luck, you'll do a great job. Are you puppy-free now?

Paula - Oh god, that's horrible! Cat shit is still the one substance that makes me retch. I couldn't own a cat for that reason alone.

I've only ever had bitches, so I never knew it was more of a bitch thing. Makes sense

There seems to be a hierarchy of desirability when it comes to dogs & poo. Calf scour is tops, followed closely by cat shit (known in my family as "kitty bars"), then horse/cow poop.

When it freezes the dogs try to get a big chunk to take back to their kennels for 'afters'. Jazzie is showing off her prize.

Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

OK, say what you want about cats, at least they don't go around eating other animals' poop. Chipmunk brains, maybe, but not poop.

I loved those pictures.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Oh ewwww. My dogs all do it, too, but it still grosses me out. They go after each OTHER's frozen poopsicles in the back yard, but their FAVORITE is keeping the cat boxes in the house cleaned out for me. I supposed I should be grateful?