Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hay ewe guys...

I now know that ten sheep can decimate half a small bale of hay per day-

I'll keep this figure in mind when we cut and store next year's bales.

Haying the sheep is fast becoming my favorite morning chore, despite being knocked about by the flock desperate for their breakfast. I can't get it into their makeshift feeder fast enough.

A twice daily feed means I can get an up-close look at each individual animal, and hopefully catch any nasty sheep ailments early. Secretly, I just think they're cute when they chew the hay. They seem to eat half and wear half.

I think we will have just enough to make it through winter.


  1. Excellent sheep! I look a little like that when I'm eating something I'm really enthusiastic about, so I'm sympathetic to the hay-in-the-wool look.

  2. Me too Tamar, which is why I don't eat burritos in public...

  3. I frequently wear as much as I eat! Steve never does- he always manages to get every little bit into his pie hole.

    I think Tamar hit the nail on the head; it's all related to enthusiasm.

    My favorite picture is that last one. Says it all.

  4. Regarding your post title, am I wrong to imagine Rita Moreno shouting, "Heeeyyyy youuu guyyysss!!"? You totally meant that, right? (And burritos are made big on purpose so that some can be worn. True fact.)

  5. Paula - I don't think any of us would go to the trouble of growing and raising our own if we didn't love the food so much.

    Sara - Sh...eep.Sheep. Of course EC was my inspiration for the title. You're so smart to catch that ;-)

    Are you confusing burritos and sombreros...? I will be whipping out that factoid whenever possible now.

  6. The sheep are so adorable. I can only imagine their enthusiasm.....but I imagine it being like my grandsons eating their morning cereal. Each with their own style, all cute. Shhhh....Don't tell the grandkids I compared them to sheep. lol