Sunday, 25 September 2011

6.57 AM

I've only been up for an hour and so far I've been peed on (sheep), spattered the floor with milk replacement, stood in a wet cow pat wearing only croc sandals (the holes only filter out the big chunks) and a patch of stinging nettles, but...little lamb is now back with her mother and sister!

The lamb recovered slowly overnight, through nothing I've done I assure you. That lamb is determined to live. I really wanted her to get a chance to see that, once you make it past the cold weather and blow fly attacks, life can be a pleasant experience grazing pasture and sitting in the sun.

She's in no way out of the woods. She's small and everything bad will try and take advantage of her weakened state. I'll stay vigilant and keep you posted. There's indian summer weather headed for us this week, which will benefit her and the other newborn lambs - if they ever hurry up and come out.


  1. 07.32 am, just walked in my door and thought I'd text you but checked blog first.

    Fingers crossed xx

    (by the way you don't look 42!!)

  2. She is a fighter isn't she? I think you should call her Matilda (it means brave little battle maid). I know you don't generally name your sheep (Eudora apart) and I don't know what your criteria for naming them is, but she seems to warrant being another exception!

    And she is recovering because of what you've done. You should be taking more credit! The antiseptic overdose wasn't your fault, but a mistake by somebody you asked for advice. I hope she enjoys the sunshine this week. I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Forgot to say Happy Birthday!

  4. Thank goodness she seems to be a fighter - and, yes, she is still alive because you care enough!

    BTW, belated Happy Birthday and good luck with the rest of your flock's lambing. I hope the weather is kind to us all.....

  5. Great news for Matilda (good name, well done Hazel!). Her mother was determined to live and it seems like this little one has the same intention. Hope she is suckling well and that E. is producing lots of milk.

  6. Hazel - What a fitting name. Matilda it is, and thanks for the suggestion.

    Matilda has been to the vets this morning and, with a dose of antibiotics, vet says she's got a good chance of making it. Mother Eudora has rejected her however, so Matilda will now be hand reared as a orphan. Convincing her to take a bottle has been a struggle.