Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Crafty Moment of Geek

My sister's upcoming birthday was the perfect chance to let my geek flag fly, so I knitted this for her -

It's a Dr. Who 'Tardis' Kindle cover. It covers the full geek spectrum because:
a) It's based on a Sci-Fi show with a cult following
b) It's meta because a Kindle, like a Tardis, holds more on the inside than its small shape would belie
c) It's a cosy (OK, technically cosies are more nerd than geek. If you disagree, we could draw a Venn diagram and discuss the overlaps...)

And bonus: I got to use the word 'meta', which almost never happens in my line of work.

If you want to make one for yourself, or for a geeked-out Sci-nerd loved one, the FREE pattern by Stephanie Walls can be found here


  1. Ha ha! Love this! Watched the Torchwood series with hunky Capt. Jack recently. Need to queue up some Dr. Who on Netflix. I'm sure your sister will love it.

    1. Sara - I haven't seen any Torchwood but I like the BBC going with a primetime bisexual Capt Jack. Nerdy AND inclusive!

  2. I don't mean to knit-pick (misspelling intentional) but it is "Doctor" Who, not Dr. Who, my dear sister.
    And it is one of the awesomest gifts I have ever received.
    For Christmas I want one scaled up to sleeping bag size. And I want David Tennant inside.

    1. I am bested by your geek - DOCTOR Who it is. (Anagram of Torchwood BTW Sara...)

      I have a feeling if I contacted David Tennant and asked him to get inside this sleeping bag I knitted for my sister, I'd be getting a restraining order for Christmas.

  3. Tamar - I knew you'd be part of the Sisterhood of the Nerds. I have enough yarn left over to make another one, you only have to ask...

  4. I'm just proud of myself that I immediately recognized it as the Tardis, and knew what that was. Ashamed to admit I'm NOT a DOCTOR (almost put Dr. - for shame) Who fan, but my son is, so therefore, I at least know what that cult icon is. So nice of you to do for your sister!!!