Thursday, 8 March 2012


We have our first sitter of the season -

Our little Japanese bantam has taken possession a clutch of eight eggs, laid by other bantam hens. We weren't looking to hatch any more bantams but this little hen has decided otherwise.

During my morning chores, I saw a blackbird sat on the nest she made in our log pile. It confirmed my nest identification skills to see her there. This afternoon, she was gone, but I found out what was keeping her busy this morning -

Rather than disturb her, we've abandoned the log store for the rest of the winter. Tomorrow, I'll go out and cut some fallen timber and stack it in the front porch, and cross my fingers that the swallows don't return to nest there before the last frost has passed.

We found another nest - inside the headlight of our Land Rover. The left light kept shorting out, and when the mechanic investigated, he found a tiny nest built in the frame, incorporating the wiring.

Sorry bird, but you'll have to find somewhere else to built your nest. The other side of our log store is free. Help yourself.


Janice Bendixen said...

Any port in a storm... You never answered my question about the rutabaga. I'm concerned about the general description on my tuckus. And hedgerow. Doe that mean catch all? I'm genuinely curious.

Jennifer Montero said...

Hi Janice - My not-very-enlightening answer is in the post below, 'Back in Blackbirds'. I will keep asking the locals until someone can answer the swede question. You've got me curious too!