Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Podgelets All Grown Up

The Podgelets have grown up so fast. They will be ten weeks old this Friday. All the boys have gone to their new homes, with quite a few tears from me at each parting.

Both the girls are still here. The little black girl has been named Duma by her owner, which apparently means Cheetah in Swahili. Her new owner will take her home when he returns from Africa in a fortnight's time. So, I've pencilled 'More Tears' in the diary for that day.

Fraggle is already showing her smart but naughty streak. She loves attention and with four brothers and sisters competing for it, she felt she needed to gain some advantage. So, she learned to climb the kennel wire and be the first to greet you, a good foot higher than her siblings -

The scary thing is, she can climb down, too. 

I'm wondering now if I shouldn't change her name. Does anyone know the Swahili word for 'monkey'?


Anonymous said...

"Tumbili" - or Bili for short?


Peruby said...

Yep...according to Google translate it is Tumbili.

Pam said...

That face! Those whiskers! I'll dogsit anytime you like. Just drop her off in Virginia. We'll be in England for the month of January-can I borrow her? :-) And what talent!

Katie said...

Tumbili would be an excellent name! (I didn't look it up, I'm just the trustin sort who believes anything Anonymous or Peruby posts on the internet.)

Jennifer Montero said...

Pam - Her mother and I were once thrown out of a gun dog training lesson for being so hopeless. If she takes after her mother, you can take her home with you.

Where are you going in England? January is not our most tourist-friendly month, I applaud your bravery.

Jennifer Montero said...

Katie - What a trusting nature you have. I didn't look it up either, the commenters on this blog are way smarter than me and I trust them too.

Mike is holding fast to his name choice. Of course, I'm going to slyly change it from Fraggle to Freckle while I'm training her.

BilboWaggins said...

Could you 'bend' Tumbili to "Tumble" .... which feels like a nice Podgelet name?

She's a very pretty girl, look forward to watching her grow up.