Sunday, 29 March 2015

Grumpy Ewe & the Hulk

Grumpy lambed last night. She had one great big ram lamb that got a bit stuck, but with a little pull from me and a lot of dramatic shouting from her, he came out just fine. He's so enormous I've been calling him "the Hulk"-

Gregor continues to do well. Together we're keeping her babies topped up with milk and milk replacer. My kitchen is strewn with used syringes, sticky measuring jugs, stomach tubes, and medicine bottles. It looks like a Tijuana clinic.

We have high winds and showers over the weekend, so I grabbed some horse rugs out of the truck which were on their way to the cleaners, and I've used them as wind breaks for the outdoor sheep -

Gregor is still spending nights in the ICU trailer -

I think my horned ewe will be next one to lamb, and she's expecting triplets. I'll check her every hour until midnight. Most sheep seem to lamb on dark or at dawn. I'm not sure which option is better for the shepherdess. I'm managing up to six hours of sleep a night - not continuous - and I feel OK except for having a cold. I did fall asleep on the kitchen floor while waiting for some lamb milk to warm up, but who hasn't done that, right?



Seester said...

Gregor looks happy, if a bit bony. Her lambs are adorable.
We need a picture of Grumpy and the Hulk.

Jennifer Montero said...

Seester - I have updated the post with pictures of Grumpy and the Hulk. Instead of a scarlet letter A, she wears the violet letter G. I put a raincoat on Hulk this morning, but he ripped out of it. No, really. Seems his names suits him.

Seester said...

Haha! I am glad you captured a picture of Grumpy givin' the Stink Eye! She really is a Grade-A Grump!

Janice Bendixen said...

Our dearly departed Senator for Life Ted Stevens always wore an Incredible Hulk tie during particulary testy floor debates. I think he's come back to us in lamb form. Thanks for the stink eye photo. Marvelous!