Sunday, 24 May 2015

Easy like a Sunday Morning

The bottle fed lambs do not understand the concept of a Sunday morning lie-in. At daylight they trash any kennels left open, including their own. If milk hasn't appeared in their bucket by 8am, they shout. And small lambs have big voices.

I was so late this morning (8.30 am) that they followed me into the house just to be sure I was mixing the milk before I made myself a pot of coffee. Priorities, you know.

Even the spaniels know that their breakfasts come after the lambs'. Podge and Dulcie wrestle, excited by the prospect of more kibble.

I hope you enjoy my lie-in too.


Jayne Hill said...

It must feel so good to be so clearly in charge in your own home {{giggle}}.

Obat Herbal Varises said...

Thank you for the sharing

Anonymous said...

Someone sounds hangry.
Such an unruly mob.

Maria said...

on the plus side, those are some chunky, robust, healthy looking lambs! (to my inexperienced eye. spindly or small they're not).

Pam said... many lambs and how many nipples?? You're raising some seriously competitive sheep! The poor pups probably wish for earplugs.

Janice Bendixen said...

I couldn't view this until I relented and got on the desktop. Those are some pretty sturdy lambs for bottle-fed, EweMama, I mean Jen... And bossy!!! Thanks for sharing and sorry you missed your lie-in. I hope you got a chance to sleep to 8:45am one of these last weekends.

Colette said...

Wondering if I can finally comment on your blog from the laptop, cant do it on the phone. Hope evething is ok. Have sent a couple of texts. Doging a course in dog grooming in Beaminster Watch this space!!

Colette said...

Did it work?

Colette said...

Missing you x