Thursday, 5 January 2017

Group Photo!

The gang's all here, except for Hadley Bubbles - she's off to the left eating an apple, and hasn't quite got the self-control to sit still for a group photo yet.

In other dog news: I'm sad to report that Hazel, companion to Jazz and Tinker, passed away this month.

You may remember we adopted Hazel as a failed gun dog (c.2010), and our re-homing angel Julie offered Hazel a forever pet home. Hazel lived a long life as a house dog with a family that loved her, threw loads of tennis balls for her to fetch (Hazel's favourite game) and took her on daily walks on the beach. Hazel died happy, at a ripe old age, from natural causes.


Janice Bendixen said...

Oh Jen, I'm so sorry to hear about Hazel. But she lived out a good, happy life and brought Julie's home joy. That is a GOOD dog! I'm sending you a hug from frozen Alaska where it's -14F outside and my darling Airedale slumbers away, cozy in our bedroom. Happy New Year to you, Mike and the gang! Thank you for the (almost) group share. - Janice

me said...

Hazel had a wonderful life thanks to you. Your gang is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Lol.... the group photo, and Bubbles is off doing her thing.
I love the snapshots of your life.

Hazel said...

So sorry to hear about Hazel but glad she was peaceful and happy.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Colleen said...

Happy New Year to you all - I started your blog about 3 weeks ago from the beginning and have enjoyed it a great deal. There has to be a book in your future but i cant imagine where you will find the time!
You have inspired me to sign up for a sheep shearing class here in my state of Maryland as I am interested in starting an alpaca farm in a few years. I thought you had posted a link for a fellow blogger that actually has an alpaca farm? Can you reply with the link if of course i didnt imagine it, and you have a moment in the midst of all that you do!
Thank you for sharing your experiences and photos I am looking forward to your next post!!

Jen Montero said...

Colleen- Welcome and thanks for joining us! An alpaca farm sounds like a great adventure. You'll be heartened to know that shearing alpacas is much more civilised and less back breaking than sheep, as the alpaca stand on a table instead of being rolled about while you bend over them.

I don't know for a shearing course in the US, I think another reader might have shared the link on here. But you have the Maryland Sheep & Wool fest on your doorstep (said with envy...) which will have the resources you're looking for. I would also contact your local Ag extension. Please send photos when your stock arrives!!