Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Happy Spud & a Sad Update

We've had hot, dry weather for nearly a week, but my swamp collie Spud manages to find a puddle on our squirrel-trapping rounds -

And can't wait to get back in the buggy and give me a hug afterwards -

But she's cooler and happy, so I'm happy.

All the animals are fine. The sad update refers to my 20 May post about Parnham House. It was in the national news yesterday, and you can read it for yourself here.


Janice Bendixen said...

Oh my, that is very sad news. Do something kind for yourself today, Jen. I'm sending happy, loving prayers for healing and good cheer to you and Mike. Give my Pip a hug for me. It will make both of you feel better. -- Janice in Alaska

Hazel said...

I'm sorry to hear that- his poor family.

Spud does look happy! Trying to keep my water-phobic longdogs happy in the heat has been a challenge. (They'll go for a careful paddle but aren't keen on getting wetter than that!)

Kristin White said...

That is indeed sad news. I hate it when someone thinks taking their own life is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

That is sad news - great picture of Spud though - not sure there is a spot left she hasn't covered.