Thursday, 14 January 2010


"Hey Jen - Did you bathe the dogs?"

"Just Nel - why do you ask?"

" reason..."

- Bathe Nellie
- Clean tub
- Pick dog hair out of drain
- Plunge muck out of drain
- Wonder why water isn't draining out of bathtub
- Wash 4 dog towels
- Clean chair where Nellie finished drying herself
- Mop bathroom floor
- Look horrified when lab strolls into house having rolled in fox poo again
- Accept fate
- Ditch list, move into shed, and decide to shower under hose in backyard from now on


David said...

Perhaps you should add 'have another large glass of sloe gin' to that list...

Paula said...

Very funny. Boy am I glad Rufus doesn't roll in fox poo, but then, if we had foxes, maybe we wouldn't have raccoons and skunks. In the 'burbs.

I laughed out loud. And I must say, I feel very fortunate I can send Rufus off with my husband to the local dog wash and let them deal with the drain.....

Pomona said...

Do you think it is something to do with the time of year? Our dogs all stink to high heaven at the moment - we did wash them in the hols, but there really seems no point - they just go and roll in something totally revolting again.

Your post made me laugh, and reminded me of the time when the boys were small and the Head Chef away and the dogs rolled in something so disgusting that I had to carry them upstairs (no downstairs washing facilities then) to our bath, wash them, and then wipe the whole room down with disinfectant. And of course we didn't get the towels on quick enough, and they escaped, and showered everything in between. It is quite amazing how much dirt and hair comes off quite a small dog - your bath seems relatively clean, considering!

Pomona x

Poppy Cottage said...

I love it. Just take Lil for a swim in the river instead (although Jose likes it better when she gives her a shower and she smells of shampoo!!)

Does that mean on day 121 you just drank and not ate anything?

Let me know when you next come into town.

Colette x