Monday, 29 March 2010


Announcing the new arrivals -

Two ducklings hatched this morning, with a bit of assistance. I will let them warm up and dry off in the incubator overnight, then Barbara the Silkie hen can take charge of them tomorrow morning. Charles the cockerel was raised by two mother ducks, so I'm hoping that the adoption process will work in the other direction too. If not, there's a heat lamp and space in the pantry. What's two more orphans to feed?

They are pretty cute.


  1. Yeah, ducklings are. I'll be curious to know if babies are babies in the poultry world...

  2. you totally could have told me that was a two-headed duckling...

  3. Paula - Mostly, yes. The big issue is water: to swim or not to swim. Charles's mothers tried desperately to get him to swim which as a chicken would have been fatal. Something in his genetic code told him to ignore his parents and go with his gut. And he got quite worked up everytime his moms went for a swim.

    I suspect the ducks will look for a water source and Paula will scream and flap when they go for a swim. Twas ever thus between parents and children!

    Kerry - I know, my photography leaves a lot to be desired, In my defence, they needed to stay warm and the time it would take to set up a more aesthetic shot would stress them. A two-headed duckling would be a totally different blog...remember Mike the headless chicken? Worth a google if you don't.