Friday, 17 August 2012

A Birthday

Yesterday was Mike's 48th birthday. With an estate full of young pheasants he had to work of course, but he came home for a special birthday lunch.

No, not that kind of special lunch.

I popped down to our local cafe to pick up a BLT for him, which is his favourite. The cafe is at the bottom of the manor house drive, a two minute walk from our house. I came back to find this -

Neither stirred when I took this photo

I left his lunch in the kitchen, and left him to carry on. All Mike really wanted for his birthday was a nap. All Pip ever wants is a napping companion. Everyone's happy.

Happy Birthday, you hardworking old 'keeper.


Janice Bendixen said...

Adorable! I love the hand on the stomey. Both keepers.

Pomona said...

I hope you let him go to bed early and didn't insist on hitting the bright lights!! That is the one thing I find difficult about summer - everyone else is on holiday and for agrics, B&Bs and editors it is the busiest time of year and I end up boxed up indoors!

Pomona x

heidi said...

what a wonderful birthday:)

heidi said...

sounds and looks like a wonderful birthday:)

Captain Shagrat said...

I have a large grin on my face... Good old pip getting into the nap action too

Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

Happy Birthday, Mike. May the coming year bring you just a little more sleep!

Poppy Cottage said...

Hope Mike had a nice birthday in a tired-countryside in e summer sort of ways.

Have dead machine back. They didn't charg to look at it. Also have some boxes for rather nice organic Shetland, Dorset Down and Jacob wool if you fancy a look. Tim is displaying them in his hut at the melplash show. Have already worked out I will make a 40th blanket for myself.

X (am I right in thinking it is your birthday next month too?)