Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Our six, week-old lambs spent their first night outside of the maternity unit, no electric fences just their mothers to look after them. Well, mothers and a nervous shepherdess who checked on them every couple of hours under the guise of staying awake simply to watch the election results.

The lambs did great, and by 4a.m. I got the news that Obama won. Phew.

At 9a.m., Eudora produced a single ewe lamb-

It was an easy birth, though I found Ewe L817 helping Eudora clean the little lamb. I penned the baby with her mother, but L817 is still calling to the lamb, and circling the pen -

She's waiting on her triplets, which will give her more than enough lambs to satisfy her maternal instinct.

In honour of our incumbent returning to the White House, I have named the new lamb... Baa Rack O'Lamb.


Peruby said...


Maria said...

ooooh... puntastic Jen!

Very glad to hear Eudora lambed well and easily - and good on you for transitioning the lambs to outside.

I didn't follow the election overnight - but I did cheer when I woke up and read the news :)

Hazel said...

Love the name! I was expecting Obaama, but that's better!

Good news about the incident free night (well, from an ovine point of view anyway).

megan said...

baa rack o'lamba. Awesome.

Did you see the silly video of a little girl crying because she was so tired of hearing about "bronco bama and mitt romney"? Obama is getting the farm animal vote.

Kris said...

A lot of us also breathed a sigh of relief when President Obama was returned to office! Glad it's over.

I'm so glad the new little lamb is doing well and hope the same for anxious yew and her impending triplets.

CallieK said...

Seriously laughing over that name!

janice bendixen said...

Humor in the face of reality. I'm elated with the election results - except for 1 race up here in the sub-arctic - and praying that our POTUS can meet the challenges in front of him. I'm also delighted at your event-free lambing experience (to date). God's blessings on the Shepherdess,

5olly said...


Jennifer Montero said...

Thanks for all your kind wishes and for sticking with me as moral support during lambing season. Also glad you all appreciate my sleep-deprived puns.

If I get a ram amongst the triplets he will be known as Knit Romney. And he will be eaten.

janice bendixen said...

That was the best laugh I've had all day. Tank you tank you tank you! (As my Svenska far mere woudl say) And I'm sure Ritt Momney will be tender and DEElicious!

Kris said...

LOL - you are so clever! Thanks for that purl of humor.... ;-D