Sunday, 4 November 2012

We're still lambing in this weather

It's not ideal. 

I started taking hay to horses and sheep at 7am, and warmed the dogs' kibble with hot broth. Yesterday was a shoot day and most of the dogs came out to work, so they're getting a snow day today.

The lamb with pneumonia appears to be on the mend, breathing normally and bouncing about with the rest of the flock. That was a success story: I caught it early, knew how to treat it, and the lamb was strong enough to fight the infection.

We're still left with two ewes to lamb: Eudora, who's expecting a single any minute, and a ewe expecting triplets. 

Lambs in the snow just doesn't look right somehow.


BilboWaggins said...

We've got snow on the fell tops here but thankfully nothing on the ground.

Hope your lambing continues well :}

Maria said...

***!!! Best of luck with your remaining deliveries. It feels very early in the year for snow to me (having lived in England for 12 years) - somehow more likely to expect early spring lambs in the snow than at this end of the season. hope all goes well and your recovering lamb continues to recover.

Seester said...

Just to gloat, we have a Special Weather Advisory warning us of abnormally warm weather this week. It is sunny and 70 degrees (F) today, and may hit 80 degrees on Tuesday. But then, as the advisory warns, temperatures "will struggle to reach the mid-60s on Thursday."
Lesson: move to northern California. The sheep will love it here.
(You can feel free to gloat when the earth opens up and swallows my apartment building.)

Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

Snow! Yikes. Too early, in my book. Every day I check the 10-day forecast so see if water is going to freeze -- fortunately, my livestock is all grown-up enough to brave the elements.

Brava on treating the lamb with pneumonia! And best of luck with the two ewes yet to lamb.

janice bendixen said...

Praying for safe deliveries. I can only imagine how you're worrying.