Friday, 12 April 2013

Our first turkey egg

Thank you, turkeys.

"And to think, YOU wanted to have us for Christmas dinner..."


el said...

Aw! Are you going to let her (them?) hatch it?

This is our first year without Ruby and Earl: a coyote got them both last year, but they hatched out babies every spring around Mother's Day, one year hatching 19 babies even. She even hatched a gosling one year (I snuck in a couple goose eggs after a raccoon got her first 5 eggs). Dear old birds.


Jennifer Montero said...

el - Sadly we have no stag turkey so the eggs are infertile. We're on the hunt for a man, and then we will hatch some turkeys. I didn't realise they hatch such big clutches - no wonder you threw in a few goose eggs for variety :) Sorry to hear about Ruby & Earl. We're lucky in the UK not to have any predators bigger than a badger.

BilboWaggins said...

So who got to eat the turkey egg? You or the dogs?

Jennifer Montero said...

Like all delicious treats in this house, it went straight into a cake!