Friday, 25 September 2015

We've Passed!

The results are in from the vets - our new nanny goats are TB free, and free from Johne's Disease, CAE, and CLA. 

We're all very relieved and happy at the news. 

Now we are out of quarantine and moved into our new house, complete with an ivy-insulated roof and soft rubber mats on the floor with lots of fresh straw for bedding. It was once used for cider pressing before its goat-house makeover.

The little paddock is a handling yard where we can be milked, groomed, and checked by vets. Most importantly, it's where we get breakfast and lunch delivered. Besides sweet grain and alfalfa, we are partial to apple peelings and bread crusts-

Our grazing paddock is HUGE and we've already been caught climbing trees and chasing pheasants for entertainment. We didn't think much of the trampoline. Mostly we just pooped on it and chewed the vinyl cover.


Janice Bendixen said...

Yay! I'm so happy to hear your Kids (and their Maaaaaa's) have a clean bill of health. Congtratulations! And I must add that I'm wildly envious. I've wanted goats for years but Darling Husband has forbidden it. Hmmm... Maybe I should consider switching out Daddy for some Nannies? :-) Somehow, 15 years ago, I ended up with personalized license plates: GOAT1. From which ensued multiple goat-related items, gifts and funnies. (Don't ask.) So, I am even more excited to read about their goatscapades. Keep us posted, dear Jenn

Anonymous said...

Congrats your Kids passed!
Always a relief. Nice looking goat house.

Colette said...

Keep missing posts as checking on the phone is really difficult. Hope you all well xxx