Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Operation was a Success!

Different coloured sprays to heal, protect, and prevent flies bothering him.

Not only can he see just fine now, but he's still as handsome as ever, even with his horns trimmed. The vets had to remove quite a lot of horn -

I've saved them for a friend who likes to make walking sticks.

The horns will continue to grow so I will have to keep them filed down, which is a job I can do myself. It's a good thing he's such an amenable chap. 

Now he's ready to woo his first group of ladies this November!


Hazel said...

Very handsome! Good news.He's probably wondering why everything's so bright now...

Paula said...

Those were pretty awesome horns! Please show us pictures of the finished walking sticks- that would be really cool.

Autumn is my favorite time of year as well. There's something about the mellowing of the light over the garden that I really love. I also love how it gets snappy outside and cosy inside. Autumn is the best!

Sally S said...

So good to hear from you.
That is one handsome ram, even without the curly ends of the horns.

Alvin45 said...

Jennifer Hi,
I have read your blog in its entirety. Very impressive.. Have several questions about raising pheasants and game keeping in your realm of the world. Would it be possible to contact you via email to ask questions? I am a retired former government design engineer and would like to know more about issues with raising birds.
Oak Ridge
Tennessee USA

Christine said...

What a pretty boy!

Jennifer Montero said...

Hi Alvin45 - Of course you're welcome to email us with any pheasant / gamekeeping questions. We will do our best to help! J

Anonymous said...

At first glance I thought he had been a paint ball target!
Glad all is well.

Anonymous said...

At first glance I thought he had been a paint ball target!
Glad all is well.

Gardener Fisher said...

I must assume that you are submerged in the pheasant shooting at the moment. When you have a moment let us know how you are getting on. I have a soft spot for Herefordshire, I spent a lot of time there, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and Mike and the rest of the gang!


Sally S said...

And another Merry Christmas (well, Boxing Day, and I guess that's past in England already--) well, Merry 3rd day of Christmas. I'm sure your life has been busy!


Kris said...

Hello Jenn. Keep stopping by and I hope the lack of posts is simply due to being busy and not illness (or maybe your taking an hiatus - blogging can get stale. Anyway, Happy 2018. Take care.

Sally S said...

I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping that things are going well for you and you are just busy, or maybe tired of blogging (hope not). Anyway, I keep checking.... All the best to you and yours.