Tuesday, 20 April 2010

More chicks

Another batch, hatched for a neighbor - Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and one lone bantam chick. They'll be moved under a broody hen tonight, the hatcher will be cleaned, and I'll set some Silkie eggs tomorrow. Our spare bedroom will be a chick nursery for a bit longer yet.


Paula said...

One of the blog writers whose blog I follow was complaining that her chick order was pushed back a second time- evidently the hatchery where she placed her order - Rochester Hatchery in Alberta- has been buying up all the smaller hatcheries in the area and then closing them to stamp out the competition. And now they can't keep up with the demand for chicks. Now she's wondering if she ought to start a hatchery.

Sounds like you already have!

Jennifer Montero said...

That's a terrible thing for them to do, especially as they can't keep up with the orders now. Backyard poultry isn't a bad business and I think your friend should definitely look into it!

We're trying to streamline ours to simplify it and make it more efficient (more stock but less breeds). Then today I went and put in an order for more meat chickens. So much for simplifying...