Friday, 2 April 2010

No pigs, just potholders

I was hoping to have some pictures of wild pigs or fallow deer, and a great hunting story for this post. Sorry - no luck. I sat in a high seat in a field where there are alot of pig workings (dug up turf, footprints). I sat there for a couple of hours and saw nothing. I gave up when my fingers were too cold to take the magazine out of the rifle, and my toes were numb.

I did get to test drive my new thermal overalls -
Fetching, no? They are warm and have good-sized pockets for all my gear. Probably because they are men's not women's. Look on Women's Hunting Journal for a more in-depth discussion of women's hunting clothes. While you're there, try and help me convince Terry to design a line of suitable clothing specifically for women hunters - we're an under-recognised niche market!

On the up side of buying men's clothes, we ladies tend to fit in the smaller sizes which are what's usually left in the sales. Hence these were a real bargain.

Though my hunt was unsuccessful, my attempt at learning crochet went better than I expected. My friend Colette brought her yarn and her infinite patience over yesterday, and under her tutelage I was able to make this before I ran out of yarn:

I don't need a new hobby, or an unlimited supply of potholders, but the actions of using a hook instead of knitting needles was incredibly relaxing. Compulsive, even. And cheaper than therapy. All you need is a hook, some scrap yarn, and a good teacher like Colette who exchanges her skills for cake.

If the weather improves this weekend, I'll be building a new high seat and moving the lambs and horses to fresh grass. If this rain keeps up, I plan to work on the jumper I'm knitting. (If I finish it before the end of April, I win £20 from the husband who bet me it would take til Christmas. Sucker!)

In the meantime, if anyone needs new potholders let me know. I can hook you up.


Donna said...

Niche market for ladies hunting clothes...indeed. I typically have to buy youth sizes to get pants and sleeves short enough for my frame. I would gladly pay more for a better fit. So you are becoming a hooker?! ;-) Yes, crocheting is cheaper than therapy....enjoy the process.

Terry Scoville said...

Jennifer, Thanks so much for the mention. The overalls look good and if you need a good wool base garments, check out Icebreaker's Women's 260 Tech Top. They are the bees knees and do not hold body odor like capilene. They're not cheap although they'll last a long time I suspect. As for your potholders, your first one is looking mighty fine. Sounds to me like you're gonna win the bet. Better luck on your next outing in the high seat!

Poppy Cottage said...

Hello my dear. Have a look at the corners on the pink, you need to chain three to turn the corner. But apart from that.....fantastic!! If I had of know about that bet I would have knitted whilst you hooked!! Could have split the winnings!

See you soon and it was a pleasure to show you haw to hook.

Me xx

Jennifer Montero said...

Donna - I bet youth sizes are stil pretty expensive, and like you said the fit isn't quite right. Maybe I should crochet us a line?!?!

Terry _ I knew you'd come through for me. I do need a base layer (though they're warm enough for spring) and prefer wool just for those reasons. I don't mind paying a bit more, they last longer. The synthetics last a season before I have to throw them out because I can't get scent out of them. I going to try your suggestion.

It was a bit of a lazy hunt last night, I just expected to see something because of weather conditions and activity. The animals fooled me again!

Colette - See? I lose concentration when you're not here to set me straight.

I have nearly finished the left front of the jumper now. Amazing how a challenge can motivate you. Plan to spend all my winnings on sweeties to share at knitting group.

Paula said...

Sounds like your new overalls have plenty of room to take your crocheting along, which would also solve your cold fingers problem. Good luck with your bet!

Jennifer Montero said...

Paula - I like the way you think! Hunting and crochet combo, with warm fingers to boot. Brilliant.