Thursday, 16 May 2013

Podgelets Al Fresco

The rain passed through, and the sun has come out. It's a balmy 15 degrees in Dorset. It's time to set up an outdoor playpen for the podgelets to take advantage of a few hours of spring weather. They are quickly outgrowing their maternity crate.

I dismantled a spare kennel run and set it up on the grass.

The podgelets still can't see very well and they are like little Roombas, bumping into the sides of the mesh pen, backing up, and turning around to waddle in the other direction. They wag their tails now, and bat each other with a raised paw in an attempt to instigate play. And they pee a lot.

Podge has rejoined us for our long morning walks. The pups can stand an hour or two without her, and she enjoys a break rummaging in the woods with the other dogs.

We have working homes for all the puppies now. It was easy to place them. The podgelets will stay with mum until at least 8 weeks old, except for Mike's little brown and white girl who he's christened Fraggle. She's home already. Fraggle starts her training this summer, and potentially her working career in the 2014 shoot season.

They grow up so fast.


janice bendixen said...

Fraggle, as in "Fraggle Rock" from the Muppets? If not, that is how I will still think of her. More photos, please

Jennifer Montero said...

I asked him that and he said "Huh?" and looked blankly so no, not Fraggle Rock. I have no idea where he got the name and, though I have tried persuading him to think of others(!), I think it's stuck. I can't really judge as I have a Spud.

I will post videos. It's so hard to photograph small bunches of pups, and they're really cute in action.

Poppy Cottage said...

Fragile. Actually I get that. So lovely to see them outside and fantastic that you have homes already. It makes it all the more enjoyable without any of the worry. Hope to see you soon (especially before they go if poss)

Seester said...

I know you probably don't want to manhandle the pups too much, but I want some calendar shots of the fuzzy little time wasters. Don't get me wrong- I love these satellite photos, but I need to see adorable puppy faces when I start my day! Prop those fellas up on some carpet-covered boxes like at the Sears Portrait Studio. Or drop them into socks and hang them from a clothesline. Or have Jeff Koons make a sculpture of them.
I'm glad you're keeping the one that has matching head and butt smudges! (You should start calling her Smudge -- it will be easier to yell across the field.)