Friday, 17 May 2013

Spring Lambing Finale

Finale makes it sounds exciting, but spring lambing was a quiet, easy time with just two ewes in lamb. L845 gave birth at sunrise to twin ewe lambs.

I performed my midwifery duties: iodine on the navel, a jab in the tiny thigh muscle against diseases, and a quick "mouth and eyes" health check. The ewe is an experienced mother but I've penned them together for a few hours, as the babies are still new to their jobs: staying close and suckling.

That puts our flock number at 30. I started a few years ago with 3 orphan ewes. The fold is now tenfold.

Our autumn lambing starts again this September. Half the flock went to the ram. This time next year I will be grading and selecting ewe lambs to keep and, if all goes well, I will have surplus ewe lambs to sell.

Lucky, Grumpy's lamb, is still alive. In fact, he's thriving. I caught him pronking and leaping about in the paddock yesterday. There's no better sign of health than that demonstration of surplus energy. In a few days when the twins are a bit stronger, he'll have some playmates.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

Here's to an uneventful lambing season!

Jennifer Montero said...

OaWaW - You got it in one. Uneventful is exactly how you want your lambing.

janice bendixen said...

And more A dorable lamb photos, please? BTW, did I mention it snowed 3 inches here on Saturday 18 May? Sorry to cuss, but WTH? I really need lamb/Podgelet shots to cheer me with this super-cold spring. I know I live in the sub-arctic but come on...