Friday, 10 May 2013

Podgelets at play

The Podgelets have tripled in size. I can still weigh them in the loaf pan but, like bread dough left to rise, they have expanded to fill the pan. The biggest still only weighs 800 grams.

They are 3 weeks old today. The have opened their eyes, and mastered sitting and holding their heads up. They are toddling, unsteady as drunken teenagers. Some of the boys are starting to play, yapping and teething on each other's legs or tails. They are a lot more mobile.

But they're really cute.

* Excuse the abrupt end of the video, the camera ran out of memory


Sara Rall said...

SO cute!

mereth said...

What grand entertainment puppies are! I love the markings on the white one, but they are all beautiful.

Pam said...

Doooooohhhh!!! Adorable. Could you Fed-Ex one to Virginia?

me said...

Nice healthy litter! Congrats!