Sunday, 9 August 2009

Fleeces & Jams

This weekend, I finished spinning and plying 2 hanks of Jacob wool from the estate's flock. I spun the wool semi-worsted so it will be light and fluffy, and trap air for warmth.
The fleece on the left is being prepared for spinning - any debris is combed out and the fibers straightened. I then card it into rolags (little fleece sausages) and spin those into a single ply yarn, then ply the 2 singles together for strength and structure.
When I've spun enough of the white and chocolate colored fleeces to go with this grey, I will knit a pullover which I hope will be warm and very water resistant - perfect for British winters. At the speed I knit, it won't be ready until next winter (or maybe the next ice age).
To give you an idea of how stylish(!) it will look, my lovely assistants Dakota and Pip are modelling it for you:

I also went to check on my supply of crabapples today - not my most eco-friendly harvest as my supply is one tree 19 miles away. These crabapples Malus sp. 'Dartmouth' make the MOST amazing hot pink jelly and it's just so tasty that I make an annual pilgrimage. For the first time ever I was late for the harvest. I have a measly half a bucket full, less than a quarter of my usual haul.
It will be sacrilegious, but I will have to mix my little ruby jewels with another fruit, blackberries or cooking apples, if I want quantity over quality. But you know what? I don't. I'd rather have one jar of that perfect jelly and savour every spoonful, and just see it on the kitchen table. Everyone is entitled to a little beauty and luxury in their lives. Pink jam and a warm sweater is enough for me.

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Poppy Cottage said...

The grey yarn looks so lovely!! I need more lessons to stop mine being so slubby!!!!!!!

Add to the sweater and pink jam, warm home made bread and you have a perfect English day!!

Lily spent the weekend having chicken lessons! Ended up off the lead walking amongst them. Be interested to see how she is with yours. We might come to visit this week!! See you at Knit & Natter!!

Me x