Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Village Show

The Beaminster Horticultural Society Show was yesterday. I entered my Victoria Sponge with coffee buttercream filling and received a respectable 'Highly Commended' award. My bread did not fare as well and won no prizes or accolades, but we took it home with us and had it for tea and our visitors pronounced it 'excellent'. So I'm pleased on both counts. Now I've dipped my culinary toe in the water, I will try again next year. I'm told the categories change so I will have to wait and see what opportunities present themselves.

We met lots of people from the village there with their own entries or supporting spouses with the competitive spirit. Mr. Busk the sheep farmer was there with Mrs. Busk who entered the "4 stems of sweet peas " category. He told us that she grew 123 sweet pea plants in order to select her four perfect blooms - I call that commitment (and the luxury of a large garden without ravenous chickens). I'm still waiting to hear if she won, but she's got my admiration for her extreme efforts!

I shall leave you with a few pictures from the day. I'm off now to check fences around pens and 'put the pheasants to bed'.


Boud said...

Victoria Sponge, gosh that brings back memories of Yorkshire childhood. Good for you for winning an award with it, too. Not the easiest of baking.

Boud (I followed you here from Ravelry!) and you can check me, too, at

Jennifer Montero said...

Hi Boud - Really kind of you to check us out. I'll visit your blog in a mo' and keep in touch.