Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Great British Summer

I know it's hard to make anything out in this picture but that's the point. Granted it is late afternoon so it's getting dark, but what's the excuse for having to wear a deerstalker, full length oilskin coat, scarf and wellie boots on the last summer bank holiday of the year?

It's been a mizzly dank Sunday. And the week's weather looks to be more of the same until Friday. The animals got the basics done today and were left alone to find a warm dry bed without any more disturbance. Between rain showers, the mother hens took their chicks out for a 'constitutional' around the garden, and darted back indoors when the rain started again. Gertie's chick is still an only child, but we'll leave the other eggs under her a few more days yet.

I spun the Gotland sheep fleece I bought at the Fibrefest a fortnight ago. It spun beautifully once I got the hang of it. It's so soft I could make a baby sweater from it. And there's just enough of it, so I'll earmark it for that purpose. First come, first serve - if anyone's expecting, call dibs on it now.

I will leave you with this image of the gamekeeper and his working dog in repose. What else is there to do on a wet Sunday when your chores are done but have a decadent afternoon nap?


Poppy Cottage said...

English summertime - don't expect anything else!! Pip looks very happy! (mike does too!!)

Where is the picture of the yarn you spun??????????????

Pomona said...

Here it has been so dry for so long that the grass in the orchard is yellow - and the trees and hedge that we planted in the spring are looking very sad - we are quite concerned that they won't survive. It seems that everyone but us has had a damp summer!

Pomona x