Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I've done the deed...

The lambs are booked in for "processing" next Tuesday morning. We've chosen an abbattoir nearby, with an excellent reputation for animal welfare. I still feel like a heel. A farmer friend told me "Just don't look them in the eye when you drop them off."

I wonder if I can convince myself they're just going away for summer camp? Camp Cutlet? Camp Deepfreeze? Leggamutton?

I hope this gets easier.


  1. I understand what you're feeling. I have raised steers for my own use in past years and have never been able to "do the deed" myself. Instead I started vacuuming to drown out the gunshot. Unlike you I did not bottle feed them. I wish I had comforting words to offer yet I really don't. I think summer camp is a wonderful idea!

  2. It does, much easier. You don't look at a deer and think Bambi do you? You see venison. Eventually you see lamb, mint sauce, roast spuds, a lovely home grown meal. perfect!!

  3. Me too.

    Lambs are especially cute, so dropping them off would be hard for me as well.

    But they sure are tasty little creatures!

  4. If, come Tuesday, you're looking for a distraction, I'd be happy to play online Scrabble with you.

    If it were easy, something would be wrong.

  5. I would suggest taking their "baby pictures" off your blog banner. But I wouldn't be afraid of looking into their eyes. Their creepy, soulless eyes...

  6. Terry - it's amazing what we do to distract ourselves when the time comes. I didn't feel right putting the bullet in their head as they still follow me around like I'm mom with the bottle of warm milk. I know that sounds silly, but there it is.

    PC & Paula - I know it will be worth it when I grill those first chops, even though they might have to stay in the freezer and gain a bit of 'distance' before I eat them.

    Tamar - You're absolutely right. I only want it to be easy from a selfish point of view, but it's far better for the stock if you care about what happens to them. And my inner geek is ALWAYS up for a game of on-line scrabble, thank you for the kind offer.

    Kerry - As promised, I will change the banner pic, perhaps to one of the new arrivals?

    You say that about the eyes - Mike favorite joke at the moment is that I should eat the eyes because they'll see me through the week.