Saturday, 20 February 2010

Some news

We heard through the rural telegraph that a small field was coming up for sale not far from us. Only ten acres and it needs some fencing work, but it's enough that I can expand my flock of sheep, rotate the horses' grazing and even keep a few weiners. We drove by and looked it over. Talked it over. As home accountant, I reviewed our finances and did the sums. We can afford it if we pull our belts in for at least the next year. We've put in an offer, but we can't go any higher. And there's another interested party. We are keeping our fingers crossed anyway.

Back at home, one of the bantam hens is poorly, the horses needed their worming treatments, and Pearl has a mild case of bloat. I set up a small pen of sheep hurdles so the lambs can spend warmer days on grass in the sun, next to the apple tree. I also replaced the broken panes of glass in the greenhouse, collected two buckets of rotted horse manure for the tomato beds, and put my seed potatoes out to chit. And I took the dogs out for a run behind the quad bike because it was such a pretty evening with the low winter sun.

I can't remember being so happy, even without an extra 10 acres. But I'm still hoping.


Poppy Cottage said...

It is so lovely to hear ('read') you so happy. I have my fingers crossed for you guys and the field.


Donna said...

Hi Jennifer,
I just found your blog last week and have been reading your posts. I live in the states and I am enjoying reading about your life in England. I hope the seller accepts your offer and you can expand your farm.

Paula said...

Good luck on the field purchase!

Jennifer Montero said...

Thanks Colette & Paula - I will keep you updated.

Donna - Glad you found us. Welcome!

martha in mobile said...

Umm -- what's a weiner? The closest I can guess is a "weiner dog" or dachshund. I know that's not right, since you wouldn't need 10 acres to run a pack of little doggies.

Jennifer Montero said...

Martha - A weiner dog farm would be great wouldn't it?!?! I think you're onto something there...Petting zoo type farm obviously ;-)

A weiner is just a weaned piglet which you can buy and grow on to killing weight. But they are also excellent for clearing rough ground and weeds, turning it over & fertilising it at the same time.

And alongside a proper pig food, they eat lots of kitchen scraps (only allowed if your pork is for home consumption and not for sale).