Sunday, 14 February 2010


We're practical folk. Flowers are overpriced, and anyway I'm just as happy with a nice foliage display picked from the woods around here. Chocolate makes me fat, and I don't need any encouragement in that department. And I know Mike loves me. But, we did need a new vacuum cleaner. That strange 'burning plastic' smell I described in a post the other day? Apparently that's the first sign of the motor burning out. Which, in hindsight, makes perfect sense. So I had a brand new vacuum cleaner for Valentine's Day. And a little basket with my favorite yogurt, and some olives and biscuits, and a little tin with a chicken on it that I can keep pins in.

I did spend the day with loved ones. I took the dogs out for a run behind the quad bike this morning:

Check out Dulcie, the spaniel on the far left - that's her normal speed, all 4 feet off the ground

It's not great exercise for me but the dogs can run at their speed, and it helps to rid them of their spaniel energy. They're so fit from working that it's not fair to just retire them for the season, so I 'rough them off' like you would a fit horse. They always get their morning and evening walks regardless.

And I spent the afternoon with Mike in the woods, cutting and splitting logs for our wood pile. Actually, it was quite romantic. The snowdrops are in bloom -

The sun was out, and we went at a sedate pace. I cut while he split and in no time we had a full load.

No wonder my back hurts, I stand like a flid when I'm sawing

Miss February - "Saws & Paws" Calendar

So we sat on a log and watched the sun go down.

Dakota has always been my regular chainsawing companion but I think she's OK about sharing me with Mike. As long as she still gets to ride in the front of the ATV -

I hope everyone else had a happy Valentine's Day too.


Pomona said...

I had that burning plastic thing with the vacuum, too! I think you were right in your comment on my blog - it must be the quantities of dog hair, mud and twigs they have to cope with. I love those mournful eyes above - I have a sad-eyed one, too, as well as a Border terrier who smiles! Valentines don't really happen in my house - although I did get a kiss mid-morning when the Head Chef suddenly remembered. Sometimes I produce a card to induce feelings of guilt on his part, and capture the moral high ground on mine, but this year I was benevolent and very kindly didn't bother!

Pomona x

Maria said...

beautiful countryside in the first pic of dogs running behind quad (plus, that's an inventive way of burning off their surplus energy without exhausting you completely!)

Poppy Cottage said...

Hello. Sounds and looks like a perfect day.

Going to have to invest in some logs this week, much nicer to get them your way though.

How nice to watch the sun go down on a day like today with someone special. I sneaked a peak at the sun set over the sea whilst sorting out the oldies. Would have loved to walk the beach and share the sun light with Lily.

See you soon xx

Paula said...

Hubby's sick, but we don't celebrate anyway. Actually, he's the type that likes to be left alone when he's sick, which is hard for a mothering type like me, but this time he let me bring him breakfast in bed and a cup of tea, and let me plump up pillows and wrap him up in a shawl. He showed his love for me by letting me take care of him. So, as Valentine's days go, not too shabby.

Then I went out to the garage and started a mess of seeds.

Dakota looks like a sweetie pie.

Jennifer Montero said...

Pomona - I love that your gift to your husband was not to induce guilt by giving him a card! Dakota only looks that sad when I take her picture, I think she wants you all to think I beat her regularly and never let her have any fun. Good luck with the new vacuum!

Maria - The quad does mean I can be a little
bit lazy. We go in 3rd gear around the estate and through the woods for about an hour. They absolutely love it.

Colette - So your someone special is a dog too, eh?

Paula - Sorry to hear your husband's feeling poorly. That was nice of you to recognise that he let you fuss him a little out of love.

I think that's the best kind of love - when you know each other that well, and respect each other's personal likes / dislikes. That's why we went logging yesterday. Mike gets stiff sat down for too long (and a bit bored) so I suggested we needed to add to the log pile. Win-win I'd say.

Thanks for reminding me, I must get my early seed potatoes today.

Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

I love a Valentine's Day plan that requires a chainsaw and an axe!

We don't observe, and I thought it was because we both thought it was a silly holiday. It wasn't until this year that I discovered it's only me who thinks it's silly. Kevin thinks it's kind of nice. Next year, we'll celebrate. I'll break out the chainsaw!

Jennifer Montero said...

Tamar - if you really want to spice it up, don't forget the Stihl Bio oil for lubricating the chain...