Friday, 5 February 2010

Let there be light

I woke up yesterday with an eye infection. This is a nuisance because I had planned to go deer stalking this morning but I can't wear my contact lenses, and I can't see through the rifle scope wearing my glasses. And Mike had arranged for me to stalk a muntjac deer on our vacation next week (one of the species I need to make up my ' Big 6') So both are on hold until this clears up.

Mike came in yesterday from work and said "I have another repair job for you." I looked at his coat and saw a large tear and down filling leaking out.

"No problem, I'm sewing up your tweeds, so just put it in the pile".

He twisted around to see where I was pointing. "Oh, I didn't see that." he said. "Actually I meant this fence tester need re-wiring"

I love that my husband sees me as a competent bodger of minor tools. "Sure, glad to do it." I probably had a little pride in my voice. And nonchalance. Like 'Of course, it is so simple for me'. I was still coming off my high of repairing the ram raddle harness with a leather repair kit I bought over the internet. (A great investment of £14 by the way)

Raddle harness - another quality bodge by yours truly

I looked at the tester. "Have we got any electrical tape?"

"Yeah, in the back shed somewhere" he said " But the light bulb's gone again"

"OK, I'll change the bulb in the morning and look for the tape" I said

"And I think we need a new starter for the strip light in the kitchen. It's slow to turn on. I finished pouring a cup of tea last night in the dark by the time it came on".

Slow is not broken. I'm not fixing it until the light won't come on. But I made a mental note to pick up a starter when I'm in town. And possibly electrical tape.

"Use the light over the stove for now" I said.

"That bulb's gone too." Mike said

Of course it is. OK - starter, tape, bulb..."I'd better make a list or I'll forget. Can you hand me a pen?" I was still trying to thread a needle to start fixing his tweeds.

I heard shuffle, shuffle, clatter..."Jen...none of these pens work..."

If anyone's coming to visit us soon, we're easy to find. Just look for the house with no lights on. And if you could bring some candles and a pen I'd be really grateful


Poppy Cottage said...

Love it!! Plenty of candles and pens here, just NO builder (again!!)

Maria said...

Hope you feel better soon! eye infections don't sound like much fun.

Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

There's a hole in the bucket, Maria, Maria. There's a hole in the bucket, Maria, a hole!

You're living the song!

Terry Scoville said...

Oh Jen, when it rains it pours -- No pun intended. I hope your infection clears up fast so you can complete your Big 6. Be thankful you're not having hot flashes yet!

Paula said...

You remind me that I need to put a garage door opener light on the hardware store's always something, isn't it? Hope your eye is better soon.

Maria said...

I just had to go Google that, Tamar! I had no idea what the song was :o) By the way, I love your blog too, as well as this one, and Cold Antler Farm, which I found from Jennifer's links on *her* web. Am I reading too many blogs???But I love them. And I like your 365-day challenge (oh and the thought of all that venison that Jennifer is getting through!).

Jennifer Montero said...

Colette - Good news on the sheep, bad news on the builder. Maybe you could get him to change your lightbulbs while he's there...

Maria - You can never read too many blogs. That's what rainy days are for!

Tamar - I've been humming that song since you reminded me of it. Great reference, bad song to have stuck in your head.

Terry - Do you wear glasses? Have you had problems seeing through your scope when wearing them? Can't take a confident shot like that. Not looking forward to the hot flushes, though it might help save on heating costs.

Paula - All part of the service we provide. And it is always something, you're right. Errands and repairs can become a full time occupation.

Poppy Cottage said...

Light bulbs??? takes one woman and about 16 men!!